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Hey there,
I'm Shachar



At the intersection of code and design, I bring websites, interactive experiences, and games to life. With vast experience in video and post-production, I've created a wide range of products, from explainer animations to compositing, title sequences, and color grading, Websites to social media campaigns.
Using coding, 3D software, animation, and a creative mind to bring the most out of every work. I've created content for companies such as Google, The Geneva Initiative, Keshet and more.

Born 1992, Jerusalem.
Freelance Motion Designer since 2010.
Graduate of Visual Communication in Bezalel Academy of Design and Art, Jerusalem 2019.​
Exchange at New Media and Game Design and development at Aalto University, Helsinki 2017.


Motion Works




Coded and Designed an interactive data driven website presenting the results and unique methodology that was used to test the impact of congestion tax on traffic in Israel.

Filling Spaces


Media &


Filling Spaces

2019, Hebrew / English


2019, English

Recent interactive works with innovative narrative and mechanics. Both projects were featured in movie and game festivals.


Curiosity Creates Privacy

2019, Hebrew

A series of 3D Illustration posts on facebook. Hidden behind 3D models are messages  suggesting a new way of disappearance in modern time.


Galapagos Islands Booklet
2017, Hebrew

Features the unique characteristics of the archipelago with a design that corresponds with the islands' location in the center of the equator.



2017, Hebrew

A fringe publishing house that focuses around biographies of renowned Israeli public figures. Work included an animated logo, website and book covers with engaging typographic riddles.

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Concept Art


2018, English

Personal project. Concept art for a game based on the famous Sci-Fi novel by Orson Scott Card. CGI scenery, characters, logo and illustrations.